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Rent Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Suits

Weekend Fun | Fundraising Events | Parties


 Are You Ready to Sumo Up?

Sumo Wrestling Suit Rental Includes:
  • 2 Sumo Wrestling Suits
  • 2 Inflatable Sumo Suit Liners (Bladders)
  • 2 Sumo Headgear
  • 1 13-Foot in Diameter Sumo Wrestling Ring Instructions
  • 1 Electric Sumo Suit Inflation Blowing Device
Sumo Suit Wresting Matches are Great Fun for:
  • Reunions
  • Bar Gatherings
  • Company Picnics
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Greek Get-Togethers

Sumo Nation delivers a terrific way to spice up your weekend. Whether you're looking for a side-splitting activity to liven up a birthday party or a safe way to get by with knocking your boss on his round-side, our inflatable sumo suits are just the ticket. Rent your sumo wrestling suits today. Inflatable sumo wrestling provides a splendid way to laugh away an evening with family, friends, or colleagues.
Great Fundraising Idea
Many churches have rented from us and used the sumo gear in conjunction with a fundraising effort. The church asks each wannabe wrestler for a donation toward their worthy cause, while also charging a small gate fee, as most people enjoy watching as much as actually wrestling. To assist these efforts, we provide a $25 discount to all churches that can be used in combination with any other promotions or specials offered on our Sumo Nation home page.

The map below shows the estimated times for your sumo wrestling suit deliveries to all 50 states.(ground shipping)

Rent Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Suits | Sumo Suits Online Rental

1 day transit shipping(ground)                      Most of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and part of Missouri.

2 day transit shipping (ground)                     Northern IL, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

                                                                 Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin.

3 day transit shipping (ground)                     Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Eastern Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska,

                                                                 South Dakota and Eastern North Dakota, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Jersey.

                                                                 New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Idaho.

4 day transit shipping (ground)                     Southern Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington.





Same day Sumo Suit orders can be shipped if you order before 2 pm CST.Free Round Trip shipping to the continental 48 states.
extra fees to ship our sumo suits to Hawaii and Alaska


Sumo Wrestling Gear

Ordering Details
Your round-trip rental will run you $299.99 One size fits most. When you book the date, please keep in mind that you should check the sumo suit the day before your event. UPS™ will visit your home on the 4th day to pick up our sumo wrestling suits for return to Sumo Nation

The standard rental period allows at least three days of sumo wrestling. Your sumo gear will arrive  1-3 days prior to your scheduled event, and the day after your three full days of sumo amusement, we will have UPS™ pick up the gear. For example, if you plan a weekend sumo tourney, the sumo gear should arrive no later than Thursday for sumo-ing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with pickup scheduled for Monday.

Contact us today to rent your inflatable sumo wrestling suit.

Sumo Suits rented by Sumo Nation are designed for sumo wrestling. The sumo suits are designed with the highest quality 18 oz. commercial grade vinyl necessitating special stitching that creates flexibility and durability. Each sumo suit entails a liner comprised of a inflatable bladder that allows the sumo wrestler to quickly and uniformaly increase their growth. Do not mistake our sumo wrestling suits with the inexpensive/non-durable "costumes" or the difficult to clean sponge-like sumo suits.