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The winter has been rough so start Spring off right with Sumo Suit Rentals

Get Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Suits and Gear For - $325.00with round-trip shipping included!
  • Call Us Free: 502-403-3983 or Click On Our User-Friendly and Secure Online Ordering Page.
  • Enjoy Our Product Over The Weekend Or Any 3-Day Rental while paying the lowest rental rates in the US.
  • Get Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Suits and Gear For Less Than - $325.00with round-trip shipping included!

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Inflate Your Party To the Next Level!

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Sumo Party

Inflate your party to the next level with sumo wrestling suit rentals, inflatable boxing gloves and giant twister game from Sumo Nationwide. America's favorite inflatable party rentals. Our fun-filled easy to use and creative Sumo Suits have been sought after and enjoyed by many notable public figures. Party like all these other Stars and TV shows with sumo wrestling suit rentals from Sumo Nationwide.

The most often heard compliment is that our inflatable design allows each suit to form-fit to everyone, as if tailor-made for each customer. We provide :

Let Sumo Nation Provide Your Entertainment Rentals with their sumo wrestling suits.

Sumo Nation Has the BEST Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Suits on the market.

Sumo Wrestling Suits are great for winter duldroms and grad parties. Sumo Suits are great for all ages from 9 years and up. Even if your 80 years old.

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WWE Divas Sumo Wrestling:
AJ Lee Vs Kaitlyn

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Jimmy Fallon Takes on Glenn Close on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with our Sumo Wrestling Suits.

ups imageOur Sumo Wrestling Gear is Delivered and Picked up by UPS.™ We make sure you recieve FREE SHIPPING for all ground shipments.

Spice Up Your Weekend with
Hilarious Sumo Fun!

Get the party started with inflatable sumo wrestling suits from our sumo suit rental company in Claremont, Illinois. Sumo Nation rents and ships inflatable sumo wrestling suits, and a few other choice products, nationwide with free round-trip shipping.

Our creative inflatable bladders allow the Sumo Wrestling Suits to snugly fit a 9 year-old child, as well as large men who shop at big and tall stores. One Size fits most. Let us assist you in having a fun, worry free, and reasonably priced event that includes a customer service promise of absolutely no add-on pricing or hidden cost of any kind - including no sales taxes.

Are You Ready to Sumo?
Choose from normal skin color suits to black, red, or blue skinned - each with different colored diapers or trim. All other necessities are included, such as an inflatable wrestling ring, helmets, bladders, blower, and helpful instructions with hints to assist our valued customers with the laughing-out-loud fun. We offer the lowest sumo wrestling gear prices in the country—just $325.00 or less with applied discounts. Our customers pay NO shipping costs or one penny above our flat-rate rental fee. Visit our FAQ page for more details, order online, or contact us to rent your sumo suits!

You will appreciate our service, as we only ask 3 things from you!

  • Open Your Wrestling Suit Container.
  • Enjoy Your 3-Day Inflatable Wrestling Event.
  • Place the Sumo Wrestling Gear back in the shipping tote and set it out for UPS™ to pick-up, as Sumo Nation has arranged and paid for this return service.

Have a great Sumo Nation time, as our Rental Prices Include:

  • Round-Trip Shipping Costs!
  • Absolutely No Add-On Pricing!
  • No Hidden Costs of Any Kind, including No Sales Taxes!
  • At Least 3-Days of Enjoyment!

Your Sumo Nation Ordering Process

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To Rent
The Nation 's

Lowest Priced Sumo
Wrestling Suits.

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The fun is about to start,
with free shipping of
sumo wrestling suits to
your door.

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You will have at LEAST 3 days
of sumo wrestling suit

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Just put the tote/gear
outside and UPS™ will pick it up
and return the sumo wrestling
suits back to Illinois.

Links: Ready 2 Sumo • Hours of Operation: 24/7 Online • All E-mails & Calls Returned Promptly • Service Area: Nationwide
Are You Ready To Sumo!! Call Our Sumo Suit Rental Company For
Free Round-Trip Shipping & The Lowest Rental Fees In The US.
We ship sumo suits anywhere in the continental United States.
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Call Sumo Nation to rent inflatable sumo suits for entertainment of family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.
Upcoming events where Sumo Wrestling Suits would be a belly of a good time!!!

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